July 24, 2018

Prepare Your Home for the 2018 Hurricane Season

Prepare Your Home for the 2018 Hurricane Season

Author: Shelly Olsen

At Bonita National, your home is protected by 24-hour security and we are in in the safety of a gated community. You also have access to an 18-hole championship golf course, four swimming pools, a clubhouse 3 full-service restaurants and bars, and many other luxury amenities.

While you have access to luxury, resort-style living in the Bonita National community, there are some outside elements that can threaten the safety of your home. A fact of life of living in Southwest Florida is that we experience hurricane season. After living through Hurricane Irma and the aftermath in 2017, everyone in the SWFL community learned how vital it is to not wait until the last minute when a hurricane is coming. As homeowners in the Bonita National community, you should consider these steps to prepare your home for hurricane season.

Review Your Insurance Policy 

As hurricane season approaches, take the time to review your homeowner’s insurance policy and what it covers, as well as if there are specific stipulations about natural disasters or storm damage. Additionally, consider flood insurance. Most damage from floods will need to be covered under a separate policy. Make sure to survey the possessions in your home so you know exactly what you would need to replace and how much it’s worth.

Secure and Seal the Outside of Your Home 

Inspect your roof covering to make sure all shingles or tiles are secured, and nothing is cracked or missing. The roof is the largest potential opening on the house and makes your home susceptible to wind and water damage if it’s compromised. Next, any porches or garages attached to your house should be secured as well, making sure they are firmly anchored to the ground. Check the seals on all windows and doors, which can be damaged by weather over time. Check for any holes, possibly from electrical wires of cables that could have affected an exterior wall and seal them. Bonita National has impact windows, so shutters are not a necessity.

Clear the Lawn and Patio 

If you have any outdoor furniture in your pool/patio area or front lawn, be sure to secure it indoors or secure it to the ground. If left outside and picked up by the wind, they could do significant damage to the home. Make sure to clear gutters of debris as well.

Have an Emergency Kit 

Depending on the severity of the storm, you may decide to evacuate or stay in the home. Regardless, it’s important to have emergency supplies prepared. Fill a bathtub with water in your home and have a full tank of gas in at least one car. Store any important documents – passports, ID, social security cards – in a watertight container and have them accessible to you if you need to grab them in a hurry. Stock up on nonperishable food, and other toiletries, and any medications you need. Have a first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, and a radio.

Moving to Bonita National 

Being prepared for a storm can be all the difference in taking care of your family’s safety and your home. Finding your dream home in Southwest Florida can be a huge investment, so it’s important to take the precautions to protect it. As a Realtor (and resident) of Bonita National, I want to make sure that residents and future residents of Bonita National have the tools they will need to handle future hurricane seasons in Southwest Florida.

To learn more about Bonita National or buying a home in Bonita National, contact me today.

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